Clues list, page number 1

"The Cape Cod Lighter" writer

Mitchell family name

Scarlett, for one

"Butterfield 8" author

John who wrote "Butterfield 8"

"My Friend Flicka" author

Butler’s lady

Scarlett of Tara

Mitchell's Scarlett

Kim of Rudyard Kipling's "Kim"

"Ten North Frederick" author John Henry __

Name on Tara's deed

"Ten North Frederick" writer

Butler's companion?

1939 Best Actress role

Tara family name

Tara name

Scarlett ___ of "Gone With the Wind"

"Lunch Poems" author Frank

"My Friend Flicka" author Mary

John who wrote "Ten North Frederick"

Fictional Scarlett

"Gone With the Wind" surname

"Ten North Frederick" novelist

Tara's Scarlett

Last name of Kipling's Kim

Butler's lady

Tara owner

"Pal Joey" novelist John

"Batman" police chief

Margaret Mitchell's Scarlett

Leigh's 1939 Oscar role

"From the Terrace" author John

Butler's love

Butler's burden on the stairway

Tara inhabitant

"Appointment in Samarra" novelist John

Maureen of "The Quiet Man"

"Appointment in Samarra" author

Morita series of 1987-8

Scarlett of "Gone With the Wind"

Tara dweller

"Ten North Frederick" novelist John

Butler's bride

Butler's belle

Member of a Tara clan

Tara belle

"Sir, you are no gentleman" speaker

Mitchell's fictional belle

Catherine of "Beetlejuice"

Butler's mate

Fictional Georgian woman

Butler's woman

Role for Leigh

"Pal Joey" author John

"Pal Joey" librettist

Scarlett's surname

Catherine of "For Your Consideration"

"Ten North Frederick" author

Scarlett of fiction

"BUtterfield 8" novelist

Suellen, Carreen or Scarlett

Tara surname

"Pal Joey" writer John

Mitchell heroine

Wayne's "The Quiet Man" costar

''Butterfield 8'' author

''My Friend Flicka'' author

''GWTW'' surname

''Pal Joey'' playwright

Scarlett of ''Gone With the Wind''

''Ten North Frederick'' author

Rhett Butler's bride

Oscar role for Leigh

''Gone With the Wind'' surname

''The Quiet Man'' actress

''Pal Joey'' author

Woman who lost her Butler

Maureen of ''The Quiet Man''

John who wrote ''BUtterfield 8''

Catherine of "Best in Show"

Butler's love?

"Pal Joey" author

"From the Terrace" writer

Tara deed-holder

"Only the Lonely" actress Maureen

Bixby's "My Favorite Martian" role

"Gone With the Wind" name

Notable southern belle

Mitchell's belle

Tara title-holder

Tara resident

"Butterfield 8" novelist John

John who wrote "Appointment in Samarra"

"GWTW" surname

Maureen of "Miracle on 34th Street"

"Gone With the Wind" family name

Bride of Hamilton, Kennedy, and Butler

Vivien Leigh Oscar role

Scarlett whose final film words are "I'll never be hungry again"